2014 Public Health Applications

DATES: 22-26 September 2014
TIME(S):0900-1300 daily (Chicago time)

This course was designed as a further module of the Biodiversity Informatics Training Curriculum with the intention of summarizing and enabling public health applications of biodiversity data.

Instructors included: Town Peterson, Lindsay Campbell, and Abdallah Samy (University of Kansas); Luis Emilio Escobar (Universidad Andres Bello); Dave Wagner; and Yoshinori Nakazawa (CDC), and David Wagner (Northern Arizona University).

As with our global online seminar series, the course was conducted online via Google+, in Google Hangouts On Air. This venue is particularly convenient, as it allows online broadcasts, unlimited viewers, and automatic archiving of videos on YouTube. A calendar of times and links will be posted as we get closer to the event.

Major topics of the course:

  • Disease Ecology Introduction
  • The challenge of mapping disease transmission risk
  • The current ‘toolkit’: Gaps and shortcomings
  • Biodiversity, ecology, and biogeography
  • A primer on distributional ecology
  • How disease transmission systems are different
  • Applying ecological and biogeographic tools to disease-related questions
  • Case Studies