2015 Biodiversity Diagnoses

Dates: January 2015
Location: Entebbe, Uganda

The concept behind the BITC National Biodiversity Diagnoses course was to combine the content and ideas of several previous BITC courses (i.e., data capture, data cleaning, data analysis, etc.) to analyze a set of data sets in parallel as regards a series of questions of interest. The data sets used were significant, original, regional summaries of the occurrence and diversity of major taxa (e.g., “birds of Zimbabwe”, “plants of the Ethiopian Highlands”, “frogs of the Congo Basin”, etc.); the expectation was that these data sets would be substantive and significant: that is, more than just a download of GBIF-enabled data records. The trainees and instructors experts worked together to develope a standard set of analyses, as well as analyses specific to the particular taxon and region. Analyses were summarized in the form of research papers and published as a set of papers in a special issue of Biodiversity Informatics.

NBD Course Instructors: