2014 Biodiversity Data Capture

Dates: 13 – 22 January 2014
Location: Suma Court Hotel, Accra, Ghana

Biodiversity data are the focus of large-scale efforts to convert analog data (i.e., specimen labels) into useful, digital data that can be used in a wide diversity of analyses to provide very important insights. The provided an overview of and introduction to current approaches to biodiversity data capture, with an eye to maximizing efficiency and simultaneously minimizing error rates. The focus was on capture of data for archival purposes (e.g., the plants of Angola, the vertebrates of Ethiopia, etc.), rather than for individual research projects where the data will not be used by others afterward. It included conceptual overviews, detailed instructions for implementation, and as much hands-on exploration as possible.

DA Course Leaders:

Participants in Attendance: 20 Total, 17 from outside of Accra and 3 from the greater Accra region.