2014 August: Methods Matter

Biodiversity Informatics Webinar #6

“Methods matter: estimates of suitability and population connectivity in tropical mammals using ENM”

Lecturer: Dr. Rob Anderson, Research Associate – Mammalogy
Home Institution: Department of Biology, City College of New York
Date: Thursday, 28 August 2014

Robert Anderson has long been an active, leading figure in biodiversity informatics, ecological niche modeling, and Neotropical mammalogy.

Rob first provided an overview of his perception of the field of ecological niche modeling, within the larger arena of biodiversity informatics. From there, he provide worked examples with tropical mammals. In framing the field, he seeks to point out key issues (often underappreciated) and note topics that call for major advancements, especially with regard to transfer across space or time. He illustrates conceptual and methodological solutions regarding some of these areas in recent studies by his lab, for mammals in the Neotropics and Madagascar. Clarify some misconceptions and misunderstandings regarding the modeling technique Maxent along the way.

Associated readings are available HERE