2014 July: Updating ENM Methodologies

Biodiversity Informatics Webinar #5

“Updating Ecological Niche Modeling Methodologies”

Lecturer: Dr. A. Townsend Peterson, Curator of Ornithology
Home Institution: Biodiversity Institute, University of Kansas
Date: Thursday, 31 July 2014

Town Peterson spoke on recent steps and improvements in the methodology for developing ecological niche models from primary biodiversity data. The ‘typical’ methodology that is employed in most of the papers in the scientific literature is, quite simply, frequently not robust biologically. That is, if one ponders the ecological and biogeographic context and meaning of the ‘models’ that we generate, many of those models are rather ill-conceived. Hence, and perhaps in a more positive vein, Dr. Peterson reviewed new approaches and methodological advances in the field of niche modeling, and provide a broad, generic workflow that should help to guide future niche modeling applications.